Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Angelfire Review

By: Courtney Allison Moulton
4 Stars

I really LOVED this book, I finished it in 2 days! I found this book really unique, I have never read a book about reapers. Angelfire is about a girl named Ellie who is a reincarted soul of a warrior who is capable of killing the reaper, monsters who eat you and take your soul to hell for eternity. This book was actioned packed from the very start, not a dull moment. I think the realationship between Ellie and Will was very well written, and I could connect to each of their characters. But I find it hard to beleive that through all of Ellie's lives there has never been a romantic relationship between Will and her. The one down side to Ellie I think is that she parties to much and encourages will to come along because he will do whatever she says, leaving their jobs not being done meaning people could be dying while they are partying. Other than that minor detail Angelfire was an excellent book,that everyone should pickup!

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