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Soul Thief Review

Soul Thief
Jana Oliver
320 Pages
August 30th 2011

Thanks to St. Martin's Press for supplying an ARC.


Riley Blackthorne is beginning to learn that there are worse things than death by demon. And love is just one of them…

Seventeen-year-old Riley has about had it up to here. After the devastating battle at the Tabernacle, trappers are dead and injured, her boyfriend Simon is gravely injured, and now her beloved late father’s been illegally poached from his grave by a very powerful necromancer. As if that’s not enough, there's Ori, one sizzling hot freelance demon hunter who’s made himself Riley’s unofficial body guard, and Beck, a super over-protective “friend” who acts more like a grouchy granddad.  With all the hassles, Riley’s almost ready to leave Atlanta altogether.
But as Atlanta’s demon count increases, the Vatican finally sends its own Demon Hunters to take care of the city’s “little” problem, and pandemonium breaks loose. Only Riley knows that she might be the center of Hell’s attention: an extremely powerful Grade 5 demon is stalking her, and her luck can't last forever…


Soul Thief takes place the day after the trappers are ambushed by demons leaving many wounded or dead. This series takes place in 2018 when the knowledge of the supernatural are known to everybody. In this installment in The Demon Trapper series Riley has to find out who raised her Dad from his grave, get to the bottom of the holy water scheme, deal with her severly injured boyfriend and the deal she made with an angel to make sure that he survived, and Ori and the arrival of the demon hunters. Riley has a lot on her plate.

I love Riley as a main character, she is humorous and sarcastic, and is kick ass as the only female demon trapper. Jana Oliver combined the write amount of romance, suspense, and action into her writing, she is also an amazing author who can combine the three successfully. Her writing style also creates a firm image in my head of the characters ans setting, which very few author's and books can do for me. I saw alot of growth in some charcters espiecially Beck. He shows his more relatable side in this book, and lets us into his head to see how he really is, and the feelings he has for Riley. This book is packed full of action and supernatural goodness that will make you not want to put it down. So far in this series I have noticed that it really picks up in the last 50-70 or so ans leaves you with an ending that makes you want more, NOW!

Now for the flaws in the book. I think Riley is a bit harsh on Beck and she needs to grow up a bit and respect her elders. Simon is a complete asshole, Riley should have seen it in him earlier he is completely wrong for her from the start. And I also didn't she any connection in the realationship, it was just there with nothing to back it up. Instead of a love triangle this book has a square which I though was a bit much. But lucky a few are out of the picture, as to who you will have to wiat and see :) The book was also a bit slow and parts, and had no major climax.

I really enjoyed this book from the writing, to the awesome characters that Jana has created, and the amazing plot of this series it is a definite must read. The first in the series is The Demon Trappers Daughter so if you haven't read it what are you waiting for go get it. Soul Thief will be in stores to buy on August 30th so make sure check it out.


  1. Second time I heard about this series and I can't wait to get my hands on it :)


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