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Baragain and Betrayals

Bargains and Betrayals
Shannon Delany
306 Pages
St.Martins Griffin
August 16th 2011


Locked away at Pecan Place, Jessie finds her situation to be even more dangerous than she feared. While she struggles to maintain her sanity and discover answers about the group that seems less and less like any legitimate government agency, Pietr fights to keep their relationship alive. But very aware that his mother’s time is running out, Pietr makes a deal he doesn’t dare tell Jessie about. Because the deal Pietr’s made could mean the death of far more than his tenuous relationship with the girl he loves.


Bargains and Betrayals takes place right after the ending of Secrets and Shadows. Jess is taken to the Pecan Place, and away from Pietr just after they came out about their relationship to everyone. Pietr now has to try to get Jess out, along with trying to get his mother out of the clutches of the CIA. The mystery of why all so many teens are committing suicide is revealed.
So this book had alot of changes in it from the others, the one change I liked was how there are now two points of view that we here the story from, Alexi and Jess. What I like about it is Shannon Delany used the two main humans in the book, which was interesting because they see the issue differently because they aren't werewolves. Shannon has a writing style that is very creative and is great for telling a story, the characters she creates are all so great that you grow attached to them all. I know some people don't like the Russian dialect, but I do it makes the book different and I also learned a it of Russian. I think that werewolves and the Russian Mafia are a great mix, it just shows the author creativity, and makes the book one of a kind.

The were a ton of changes in the book that I didn't like. The setting, I didn't really like the setting of Pecan Place it reminded me of Kelley Armstrong's the Darkest Powers trilogy. Shannon Delany also added way more supernatural elements to the book, I was perfect with werewolvs, and I could deal with there being a physic vampire but no more than that it's already been done. In the first two the characters called the Rusakova family werewoves, now instead they are called oboroten, which I founf confusing at first because that term was never used at all previous. This book was definetly gorier, which isn't a bad thing it was just different. But I was a climatic book in the sereies so it is understandable.

I'm going to have to give this book 3 stars just because I really didn't enjoy all the changes. I tempted to give it 4 because I seriously loved the ending and the last part of the book and cannot for Destiny and Deception. But I would have to give a 3 based on my enjoyment of the book as a whole.


  1. Thanks for your honest review. I haven't read the first one yet, but it's on my list.

  2. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts and opinions about the book.

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