Saturday, 8 October 2011

In My Mailbox (8)

This week I got a few finished copies for review that I am really excited to receive. I actually am expecting more to come in the mail, but it turns out my mail man chose to not do his job for half the week, so hopefully those titles will get to be in my next weeks IMM :)

For Review:

Blood Wounds- (Thomas Allen and Sons) This book sounds very interesting and I can't wait to start it! Hopefully I'll get to it soon since it's  a short read.

Deary, Departed- (Random House Canada) This book seems like it combines alot of different elements, it can really be really good or really bad, but I think it will be good :) I'm reading this right now and it's pretty good so far!

The Predicteds- (Sourebook Fire) This book sounds interesting, but I;m not sure how much I'm going to like it based on it summary on the back!

Thanks to Thomas Allen and Sons, Random House Canada, and Sourebooks Fire for all the great books I got this week

What did you get in your mailbox this week?


  1. You've probably been asked this before, but how do you get review copies or ARCs from publishers?

  2. I think The Predicteds sounds pretty cool... I've seen some good reviews for it.

    Enjoy your books! =)

  3. Great IMM! Dearly Departed looks especially amazing :)

    Happy Reading!!!

  4. Really want to read Dearly Departed! SUCH a pretty cover.

  5. Really want to read Dearly Departed! SUCH a pretty cover.

  6. I am looking forward to reading Dearly Departed. I hope that you enjoy it. Great IMM. :) Have a good day!

  7. Cool, I want to read all of these! So I hope you enjoy them! Great covers!

  8. Predicteds is on my wishlist i can't wait to read it!! I hope you enjoy all of your books! I didn't get any books to do any IMM with but feel free to stop by the blog and look around if you get the chance! =)

  9. Dearly Departed and The Unwanteds look so awesome!
    Yay you, Hayley.
    Here's In My Mailbox (10)- October 8

  10. Great selection! I REALLY want to get my hands on Dearly, Departed. Happy reading!
    New follower =)

    Here's my IMM.


  11. Great haul! I'm looking forward to the Predicteds. Hope it's as good as I hope :)

    Xpresso Reads

  12. I'm really excited about Dearly, Departed. It looks really good. Thanks for stopping by.

    My In My Mailbox

  13. Thanks for stopping by!
    Dearly departed seems like a good read, I hope you enjoy it!

  14. I have Dearly Departed and The Predicteds on this or next months pile! Both look great :) I still hope to snag Blood Wounds soon! Great week!

  15. I'm looking forward to reading Dearly Departed! Enjoy!

  16. All these books look great. I really want to read Dearly Departed
    Enjoy all your books

  17. Sweet mailbox! I received Dearly, Departed this week as well. Happy reading! :)

  18. These all sound really fantastic! Thanks so much for stopping by.
    Caressa @ Bookish


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